The core of who we are is rooted in loyalty and trust - it is the foundation from which we grow a relationship with our clients.

We are legally bound as a fiduciary and therefore are required to work in your best interest. Our advisors will always maintain an extremely low client to advisor ratio. 

Furthermore, Utopia Wealth Management is a fee-only wealth management firm. This means our only source of compensation is in the form of flat fees, hourly fees or a percentage of assets under management. We do not accept commissions, kickbacks, gifts, soft dollars, sales incentive trips or any other payments from third parties. This is what makes us different. 

We want to understand what truly matters to you and tailor a holistic financial plan that gives you peace of mind today and tomorrow. We care as much about why you are investing as what you are investing in.

Our core beliefs:

Fiduciary Standard- Advisors must always act as fiduciaries and in the best interest of their clients

Customization- We believe client-centric planning is essential to build, preserve and manage wealth

Transparency- Fees should be simple and easy to understand. We are a fee-only (no commissions!) firm